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Below you will find our old menu of bakery items.


Amazing Malasadas
Ube Cream
"Dignity is like a half-eaten doughnut. It must hold itself together, despite the bites of many."
"Conducting negotiations are like making good doughnuts. The dealing must be even and palatable all around, yet still leave enough space in the middle for compromise."
Choco Mocha
"War can ensue when two want the same doughnut. Splitting it does not always bring a smile to both, since one side may feel that they were the recipient of the hole."
Coco Loco
"Choosing your attitude is like breaking a doughnut in half. You can choose the smile or you can choose the frown."
Mango Mousse
"Information, like a doughnut, sometimes requires a little digestion to appraise its value."
Matcha Pineapple
"Love is like eating a powdered doughnut. We all have seen the mess on the faces of others, but we think our commitment will exempt us from the risk."
Strawberry Glazed Custard
"The fastest way to a mans heart maybe through his stomach. But, for a lover of doughnuts, it is also the fastest way to his stomach."
Sweet Black Bean
"When teenagers are confronted by their parents for answers, they resemble doughnuts, firming sweet and fluffy rings of deceit around nothing."
Doughnut proverbs provided by Dr. David Abramowicz, 101 Doughnut Proverbs

Savory Rolls

Mongolian Beef
Magic to the buns. Tender thinly sliced beef with a bold flavorful sauce.
Portuguese Pork Bifanas
Thinly sliced pork with a slightly sweet tomato sauce sauteed with garlic chutney and onions.
Picadillo con Papas
Cravings fulfilled with this Filipino Picadillo with potatoes and sweet peas.


Filipino Bread Rolls
Pan de Sal is the quintessential delicious light and fluffy snack roll of the Philippines. Amazing with peanut butter spread. Use it as a breakfast sandwich with egg and bacon.
Ensé Madas
A super fluffy brioche topped with soft creamy butter. Once you Ensé Mada you will sing la di da di da da.
Spanish Pan de Coconut
Brought by the Spaniards now one of the popular snack rolls of the Philippines. Swirled with luxe Chantilly cream.
Custard Cream Horns
Filled with creamy custard. Always sold out at our families bakery in Hawaii.
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